There are several benefits from being part of a ShareDivvy exposure network.

These include:

OFFER YOUR FANS UNIQUE DISCOUNTS & OFFERS – Variety is the spice of life, so it is said. And by offering truly unique deals, discounts and limited time offers within the network posts, you are positioned to really accelerate engagement for a special offer.

POST VARIATIONS FOR “TOP OF MIND MARKETING” – Don’t want to provide a special deal in your post this month? That’s OK, you can keep it simple and provide some basic “meme” or video content, inviting folks to stop by and see you. Or you can use the post to build up a special or seasonal promotion. Keep growing that following with your choice of “Top of Mind” types of network posts.

UPDATED CONTENT POSTING – Small businesses have very little time to maintain their social media assets. It is statistically proven that potential customers visiting Fan Pages will note the inactivity or outdated content and generally turn away from the page. Updated content coming from within the network provides a more fresh and vibrant page. This gives new visitors to a Fan Page the proper perception and stick-ability.

HANDS FREE SOCIAL MEDIA – Although some business have no time at all to post to their pages, some like to dabble periodically and while others have full-time social media professionals. ShareDivvy supports all types of engagement levels. Our hands-free model can support the social media goals of any business, without their having to touch a thing…as ShareDivvy does-it-all in house!

BUILD SOCIAL AWARENESS LOCALLY – No time? No marketing skills? No budget? No worries! By participating in the ShareDivvy Exposure Network, businesses can rest assured their video, website, offer or coupon is getting extended reach and exposure weekly… it’s all about getting eye-balls on the info – Period! And as weekly (or more) posts are being shared, firsthand Facebook statistical data gives credence to the social growth and awareness that a business is receiving, as a member of ShareDivvy.

NEGATES FAILED SEO OR COSTLY ADWORDS CAMPAIGNS – The soon to be released ShareDivvy ADVANCED MEMBERSHIP will allow businesses to get affordable brand exposure through cross-promoting within other geographic networks where they do business. Too often, SEO fails to get a business found online, in searches originating from geographic areas they service. But ShareDivvy achieves that with its’ weekly cross-promoting of Facebook postings. Plus, this method is far less expensive than running high dollar Google Adwords campaigns.

COMPLETE  3-in-1 MARKETING – The strategy works. And it includes ORGANICALLY building your social exposure and engagement… affordably!  And when we build in video, and our proprietary optimization techniques, you receive YouTube and Google SEO (search engine optimization) benefits as well.  View our video here to see how all three major platforms are impacted by your membership based post!


NOTE: This is a private by invitation only membership.  All local businesses are vetted carefully before being invited and/or selected for placement within the network. Stronger consideration is given for perspective new members based on the referral recommendation from existing members.  We do not permit membership to prospective local businesses who engage in or currently have Fan Pages containing; alcohol promotion, adult themes or graphics, hate based or related content, or inappropriate language in their current social media content. Thank you.