ShareDivvy connects local businesses to one another through a unique social media strategy called “cross-posting”.

Here is an example of cross-posting, under the direction of our ShareDivvy team, through Facebook business pages:

    • Business A places a unique post in the Fan Page of Business B, inviting the fans of Business B to share in the discounts, promotions or special offers of Business A.
      • Conversely, during the course of the same week, Business C places a unique post in the Fan Page of Business A,  inviting the fans of Business A to share in the discounts, promotions or special offers of Business C.

With a BASIC ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP, Business A will have a cross-posting opportunity once per week (with A’s post going into another ShareDivvy Network member’s Facebook page) while also receiving one post from another member (into your A’s Facebook).

And here’s a real cool feature…when we use video to share a business, that video is optimized for both YouTube and Google search. So when we’re posting a business member’s unique video offer to the other member’s fans across the network on Facebook, it’s effectively a 3-in-1 marketing strategy.

Not only does ShareDivvy’s approach grow each businesses exposure on Facebook but also its positioning for their local keywords and search authority within YouTube and Google too!

And there are additional launch benefits we’re adding…

ShareDivvy posting basics. “How It Works” illustration:

ShareDivvy will build several networks over time, specifically designed to connect businesses within a certain geographic area. For instance, there will be all Martinez, Evans, Grovetown, North Augusta, and Aiken networks.

As one of the promotional benefits during the pre-launch, members will receive the benefit of having two post placements per week in other member Facebook locations (while receiving two as well).

Upon its release, the ADVANCED MEMBERSHIP will provide businesses the opportunity to cross-post into the Geo-specific Networks mentioned above, along with many other features.