ShareDivvy is a local, private by-invitation-only social media marketing membership. The official launch date for the ShareDivvy Network platform is April 3rd, 2017. This is when the main services will be available to the general public. In the mean time, the offerings are private.

Here is the ShareDivvy Network concept.

It’s simple.

We build “Exposure Networks” by connecting reputable and locally-owned small businesses through their social media platforms, such as Facebook.

When a new business becomes a member (by purchasing a membership to the ShareDivvy Network) they are able to leverage the social media assets of the entire membership’s network. This represents tens of thousands of local CSRA consumers.

Each week, business members have their post placed within the Fan Page of other non-competing members, providing brand new exposure opportunities. As each business grows, the Network grows.

With each weekly posting, your business can access up-to-date face-time with a whole new set of potential customers. They can view, like, and share your videos, pictures, coupons or special offers.

Conversely, as part of the network, each member’s Fan Page will receive one-to-three reciprocating posts within their Fan Pages weekly, from among the pre-approved local member businesses.

It’s just like running an ad or boosting a post, but without all of the technical Facebook ad setup…or the high ad spend.

Targeting is based on geographic locations. In other words, if a member business is located in Evans, Georgia, then their ShareDivvy related post would be placed in the member Fan Pages of other Evans, Georgia businesses.

Upon launch, there will be opportunities for broader exposure by having a weekly ShareDivvy Post overlap into other network areas; for example, Augusta-Evans or even broader, such as the entire CSRA.

NOTE: This is a private by-invitation-only membership. All local businesses are vetted carefully before being invited and/or selected for placement within the network. Stronger consideration is given for perspective new members based on the referral recommendation from existing members. We do not permit membership to prospective local businesses who engage in, or currently have Fan Pages containing; alcohol promotion, adult themes or graphics, hate based or related content, or inappropriate language in their current social media content. Thank you.