For A Business Just Like Yours…. And The Customers Who Need A Deal

ShareDivvy is a premium marketing platform, for small to mid-sized LOCALLY owned-and-operated businesses.
ShareDivvy is a premium coupon platform, for the typical Customer who needs a discounted deal…and the opportunity to earn.

We utilize our growing Customer-Base to promote your business to the their family, friends and social media contacts.

We reward them for driving other customers to your business through the best form of advertising known…word-of-mouth.
And because of the viral effect of the Internet, it only takes a small group of people to explode brand exposure.

To accomplish this, we have chosen to use a unique discount coupon approach.

Our approach is much different from anything you’ve seen before. You simply provide an offer that will draw in customers, which includes an ample discount. Based on that cost, we will add a percentage over and above your price (creating the offer’s final price-point) before listing it on our public website…. Customers get a great deal. And the added-percentage covers the rewards and commissions that Members receive, from sharing with others and converting your offer into real customers.

Here is what’s really cool about this.

A Business will NEVER have to pay anything out-of-pocket for new customers.
The rewards provided to those driving Customers to your business are built into the offer and NOT paid by you!

This could very well eliminate a $500-to-$1,000 monthly advertising expense…advertising that is less effective.

You can think of ShareDivvy as being your own personal sales force, created to drive your business. A sales force you’ll never have to pay!

Customers are your best advertisement…and ShareDivvy gets them there!

You can even get creative with your offers.
Test new promotions and marketing ideas and it won’t cost you a thing.
You can even decide to add increased reward amounts to your offers, further motivating member-sharing.

Solicit feedback from your most faithful patrons about ideas you have. Include them in your test-market.
It’s up to you. You have complete control.

Our GRAND OPENING Offer To Businesses

Our Official Launch Date is February 2017.
We are actively interviewing our initial Affiliate/Members, and establishing our initial coupon offers.
We offer nearly 100 coupon categories, for you to choose from.

When we launch in February, there will be two business versions…the Free and Premium Business Memberships. The Free Version is for businesses just starting. The Premium Business Membership is FULL of great marketing features to boost your business. In February, the Premium Version will be $395-annually. But since we have a goal of partnering with several quality businesses by the end of this month; over the next few days, we are offering the Premium Membership for only $99. Again, this is a limited time offer.

The total value of the Premium Business Membership is really a $1,200 value. We will offer it as our beginning coupon to you, as a Charter Member, for $99.

With This $99, You Will Receive HUGE Benefits.

  • We start with a custom created YouTube video for your business.
  • Then we add an entire year’s worth of video marketing campaigns (26 bi-weekly uploads) for YouTube and Google related SEO results.
  • And to learn more about the promotion, CLICK HERE!

You’ll recognize some of our partners like Putt-Putt, Old McDonald Fish Camp, Hungry Howie’s and others who have been able to achieve the some very dominating YouTube results. And again, remember, In real dollar terms, this is a MINIMUM of $1,200 per year marketing value for only $99. To get this  limited time offer, CLICK HERE!