ShareDivvy provides a unique model by which it capitalizes on its video SEO optimization consultancy and information and product marketing network relationships to enhance Micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers are seeking two key things.

One, an affordable way to enhance the spreading of their word in order to grow their audience of podcast, fans or viewers. We’ve got them covered!

Second, how to affordably and seamlessly monetize their efforts to enhance their revenue and build upon their cash-flow. We’ve got them covered here too!

ShareDivvy gives Micro-influencers access the the exact answer to their two most important concerns – all in one place – and all 100% free (for approved partners).

Checkout our home page for all of the details. Then contact us today about sharing with you how we can help you grow BOTH your audience while generating a hands-free, seamless revenue stream, 100% free!