Hey, Coach Pete Meadows here. Thanks for checking in….So here’s what we have…An opportunity for you to participate in our Christmas Camp Affiliate Program for 2016 through the ShareDivvy local marketing platform.

A couple of points here…ShareDivvy is a new platform designed to allow local people to earn from sharing local businesses with family, friends and social media contacts. It’s brand new and currently in beta here locally. It will go live and full bore in February 2017. In the mean time, we’re using my Putt-Putt – Pete Meadows Christmas Camp program as a  model to exhibit the power of ShareDivvy. So in part, it’s a test helping the system, but at the same time, it’s a real money generator for you.

You can see a great overview of ShareDivvy here on the about page:

As you’ll see on the site, the central pieces in promoting anything on ShareDivvy revolves around a discount coupon, located on the deals page. See the Christmas Camp Discount Coupon here:


As with any ShareDivvy listed coupon item, there is always a commission embedded in the successful sale. Same here for the Christmas Camp Discount Coupon. You’ll earn $20-per purchase participating.


You must register to be able to have the system create your customized share link. Once inside the members area this can be found by clicking the REWARDS TRACKER icon. Once there, you’ll see Your Affiliate Link to ShareDivvy.