For local businesses, ShareDivvy is more than just a daily deals platform. ShareDivvy is an evolution in “couponing” for strategic customer acquisition. Business owners receive a steady flow of new customers every month through effective offers. Offer or deals being shared by member base that systematically becomes an extended marketing team for each ShareDivvy local business partner.

Plus, we offer a 100% Free Local Business Customer Development System and a Premium  Customer Development System. Learn more about both, below.

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See the vertical markets ShareDivvy is currently receiving local offers by clicking here. These are all of the local business categories we’ll be receiving coupon deals. More categories will be added after the official launch in 2017. Only local based businesses will be accepted.  No businesses associated with alcohol, adult based themes, tattoos, or gambling will be considered.

Your ad spend is all about obtaining new customers. That is why you invest in marketing anyway, right? So why not save oodles on your monthly or quarterly ad spend by doing customer acquisition more efficiently with ShareDivvy? Achieve new and highly targeted customers more afford-ably and efficiently…keeping more money in your pocket.

Keeping more money in my pocket? That’s right and here’s why. With traditional print, radio, TV, SEO, and ad-words amongst others, you invest HOPING to acquire customers. But in many instances, It’s like throwing mud against the wall. Except the mud is your hard earned money that’s not sticking! With ShareDivvy’s coupon based platform, you know you are getting a targeted customer. Each customer acquisition comes with no extra money out of your pocket. So with ShareDivvy you don’t waste a dime…meaning more money in your pocket.

With traditional online and offline advertising, you are not always sure you’re getting in front of the right audience. So you get a lot of tire kickers and time wasters. With ShareDivvy, when someone purchases your deal, you know you have a series customer who needs your product or service. It is the exact type of lead you need to begin a brand new business relationship!

Nearly every marketing or ad service out there wants your time and your money…upfront! Even before the service ever gets executed. Over time, that model has become really risky as you may have already discovered.  With ShareDivvy, you can get your offer placed 100% free.

See ShareDivvy’s Free Local Business Customer Development System by clicking here.

So you have no risk. And once you see how well it works for your business, you can easily upgrade. Our annual Premium Business Membership Is stocked full of additional small business marketing features and benefits.

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We want you to win because when you do, we do too! After all, small business is our country’s biggest engine. But with traditional advertising, the ad agency or media consultancy wins when you cut the check. And again, often times while you hope to win with some degree of quality customer acquisition. With ShareDivvy, we’ve flipped the tables by actually putting you and your business first. How? We don’t require you to cut a big check to started. We’re actually for you! So we’ve made it so that we don’t win unless you win!

With deal sites like Groupon, Living Social and others, they take up to 50% of each deal purchase, UPFRONT! Then they tell you how many deals you have to sell. Regardless of your ability to potentially handle over selling of the offer. That’s hurt hundreds of businesses in the long run. Compounding the problem, they hold your money from the deal purchases up to as much as 90-days, OUCH!

ShareDivvy doesn’t take 50% of your deal transactions. At most, we ask you to add a 25% fee to what ever amount you can live with in each deal. Plus, we don’t force you to sell an unlimited number of deals. With ShareDivvy, you set the number of deals you think you can manage monthly. Plus, we realize, as a small business ourselves, you need the cash flow to restock, replenish and pay staff. Holding your much needed cash is a determinant to many businesses, especially many of whom are already working on slim margins. ShareDivvy will get your deal transactions money back to you within 30 days (or less) so your cash flow remains good for restocking or meeting whatever expenses you incur in operating your business.

Word of mouth advertising remains the number one form of marketing in the world. ShareDivvy has created a profound platform by which word of mouth advertising pays people for sharing your great deal. ShareDivvy is building an extensive membership base of customers and affiliates who like good deals and like being paid even more for sharing these unique offers with their family, friends, email and social media contracts. The more they share, the more they earn.

With ShareDivvy, you can be creative in the ways by which you can enhance your customer acquisition success. You can do so by making your offer desirable and compelling for your new prospect. No old inventory, out dated products, and try to keep restrictions of the offer’s use limited. Next, keep in mind that our members are like your own personal sales force. If you can add more to your offer, above the required 25% minimum used to cover commissions and platform cost, it’s a great idea to do so. Affiliates are happy to more rapidly deploy sharing an offer that pays more. So keep that in mind when putting your deal together too.

We know you’ll have questions.  And we’re glad to help. If you don’t already have a ShareDivvy Affiliate available to answer your questions, we’re glad to help out. Just click here and let’s get you rolling!