Here are answers to our more commonly asked questions.

NOTE: This is a private by invitation only membership.  All local businesses are vetted carefully before being invited and/or selected for placement within the network. Stronger consideration is given for perspective new members based on the referral recommendation from existing members.  We do not permit membership to prospective local businesses who engage in or currently have Fan Pages containing alcohol promotion, adult themes or graphics, hate based or related content, or inappropriate language in their current social media content. Thank you.

Q: What businesses are eligible for the local networks?
A: Good question! Click here to see the list of eligible businesses.

Q: Can I approve or disapprove of various businesses posting in my fan page?
A: Yes. At the launch, in the purchase process, there will be a list of network members made available by which each new member can disavow from posting within their fan page. Until then, we’ll make sure that each business is pre-approved with the owner before posting.

Q: Will my competitors be placed in my fan page?
A: No, never! We manually review each business and business post before it is placed in the system to be sure there is no conflict, even if the owner has already approved a specific business.

Q: Will you conduct custom post to my fan page  beyond the network’s member postings?
A: Yes, but only in the ADVANCED MEMBERSHIP which is to be released some time in April 2017.

Q: What types of postings will my page receive from other network partners?
A: We here at ShareDivvy ensure the quality of each post so that the post fit each businesses style and audience. We attempt to match and guide the marketing objectives of each post to that of the members receiving the post. And we’ll always attempt to lead our post to be as “share-able” as possible.

Q: What other features are included with the annual membership?
A: The BASIC ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP comes with the two weekly cross-postings, a professionally designed HD quality promotional video to be used in your cross-postings; and ONLINE SERVICES DISCOUNTS on such things as: basic WordPress websites, YouTube Channels, Facebook setup and Fan Pages, professional graphic designs, Google and Bing related small business services and much more. These discounts are more than 50% off of listed or quoted prices you can find locally…GUARANTEED!

Q: So with the BASIC ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP, I could get my website built 50% off the best local price that I can get a quote for?
A: Yes. So for example, on any documented quote from a legitimate site builder locally on a six-page site, we’ll cut the price 50%. If you receive a quote for a $1,000 website, we’ll cut it to $500, GUARANTEED!

Q: Can I opt out of the annual membership?
A: Yes. Even though the membership is for a year, you can have the cross-posting stopped upon request. However, after 30-days, there is no opportunity to be refunded as the funds would have been placed into setup and other non-refundable elements.

Q: Will my cross-posting be targeted?
A: Yes, but targeted to a geographic area.

Q: Can my cross-postings be even more targeted?
A: Yes. One of the services we’ll be providing, in the ShareDivvy ONLINE SERVICES DISCOUNTS membership, is a “Post Page Ad”—which works much better than Facebook’s “Post Boost” feature. This service will allow you to hone in on an even more targeted audience for a given post.