Frequently Asked Questions—About Our Business Model

ShareDivvy is several things to THREE very distinct groups:

(1) Coupon-offer Customers;
(2) Free Members (signed up to receive additional customer benefits) and Affiliate Members (wanting a business opportunity);
(3) Local Businesses.

As such, this FAQ section will cover the broad spectrum of questions that might arise from among all three categories of users (mentioned above).

Q: What is ShareDivvy all about?

ShareDivvy is a Premium Coupon Platform which provides CUSTOMERS exclusive discount offers; MEMBERS a method to earn income online; and LOCAL BUSINESSES an effective medium to develop customers and generate consistent business.
ShareDivvy is a Premium Marketing Platform for LOCAL, small to mid-sized BUSINESSES; increasing their online presence, giving them the flexibility to retain and grow their customer base, and offering them more tools to thrive.

Q: How Does ShareDivvy work?

ShareDivvy works with local small business owners to create the best possible exclusive offers. These deals become the central “product” of our membership’s sharing-and-referring efforts conducted through their family, friends, email contacts and social media outlets.

Built into each coupon offer is a referral commission. Our affiliate members promote these offers and are commissioned with each offer that sells. This, of course, becomes a new and highly-targeted customer lead for the business, and does not require anything more out-of-pocket on their behalf…. It is built into the offer.

Q: I’m a Local Business, Why Should I Engage With ShareDivvy?

There are several reasons a local business would want to engage with ShareDivvy.

First, many businesses are already spending thousands of dollars monthly, on ineffective marketing. This in the hopes of attracting new customers.
With ShareDivvy, local businesses can invest in creating a great discount offer, and then turn it over to our growing membership base to promote it.
They generate interest in the business’ coupon by word-of-mouth (through their family, friends, email contacts and social media outlets).
The business creates the coupon deal and essentially does not have to pay anything more out-of-pocket for new customers.

Second, ShareDivvy smashes the traditional “couponing” mold. We directly address the typical problems associated with standard coupon programs.

  • We let local businesses choose the number of deals they can afford or handle, unlike the ‘Groupons’ and ‘Living Socials’ of the world. These companies make you sell UNLIMITED numbers of deals. So, if you’re a small coffee shop with the seating capacity for 25-people, you don’t need 600 people descending on your business in a single day.
  • ShareDivvy gets the deal transaction monies back to the owners within 30-days. Groupon, for example, may take 90-to-120 days to get your money back to you. Small local businesses need this CASH FLOW to restock and cover the cost of executing the deal. Holding money that long, is just irresponsible from our vantage point.

Third, ShareDivvy allows businesses to start for free, providing discount offers of 50% (i.e., 2-for-1) or better.
For offers less than that, businesses can pay a small one-time setup fee and run their deals free on our platform. Businesses can also choose to purchase our annual Premium Local Business Membership Package. Here, businesses get TONS of additional marketing benefits, and even more coupon offer opportunities.
We have discovered that MANY small businesses are lacking in the area of website and video creation, as well as, in the area of video and social media marketing.
They can get all of this under one roof with ShareDivvy…and much more affordably!


Q: I Like Saving Money With Coupons, Why Should I Use ShareDivvy?

ShareDivvy is working to create a highly exclusive series of deals, not normally found with other deal or coupon sites.
Our goal is to create the best deals across every niche category, so that you will want to come to ShareDivvy when you are looking for a specific deal…!
We’ll be adding even more features in the future, to make ShareDivvy a “no-brainer” for any local shopper.


Q: What Are The Membership Advantages of ShareDivvy?

First, ShareDivvy is 100% free to join.

Next, you probably have shared a link or a funny video at some time or another…. Doing the same thing as a Member helps you earn BIG rewards…. With ShareDivvy,
when you move from being a Customer and sign up as a Free Member, you can earn REWARDS that can be applied to other discount offers—now or in the future.

Finally, you can opt to become an AFFILIATE MEMBER…. APPROVED Affiliate Members earn on a two-tier affiliate payout plan.
And we’re not talking about a “cheap little throw in commission” for that 2nd-tier either. It is typically equal to, and in most cases, even more than the commissions from your personally generated commissions. Using the power of “leverage”, by building your own Free Membership Team, you can earn huge dividends with ShareDivvy.
Leveraging the power of word-of-mouth advertising becomes your business opportunity!


Q: Can I Earn Good Money With ShareDivvy?

The answer to this is, of course, that it depends on what you do with it. We are setting it up for folks to generate life changing income for themselves.
It is as simple as sharing great coupon deals, in 100 different categories, to meet the needs of people you know AND with those who would like to save.

The next step is as natural as the first. Let them get interested in doing what YOU are doing…and show them the benefits of signing up as a Free Member or making a business of it as an Affiliate Member. Creating this significant 2nd-tier Free Members Team is the core of how that can happen.
We’ll be releasing the ShareDivvy 2-Tier Affiliate Member Compensation soon.


Q: What Do I Have To Do To Earn With ShareDivvy?

At the end of the day, from an Affiliate Member’s standpoint, ShareDivvy is all about generating quality customers (through coupon sales) for the businesses who have trusted us to promote their product or service.

A Special Note: Sharing and referring offers posted on ShareDivvy should always be conducted, inclusive of the underlying theme of, “serving others.”

As our Affiliates and Members share offers, it is important to us at ShareDivvy, to maintain the mindset of placing customers and businesses first.

In an attempt to connect the right customers with the right products, services and companies in the new economy, it cannot always be about you and your commissions. Adding value to our businesses and customers/new members is the foremost, overriding goal.