I have a wordpress member site demo I have built.

All logins to this site, at this time, go to the client’s member dashboard, which in the web browser, looks like this (must be logged in)

Once logged into this dashboard, we who administer the site, simply change the extension in the browser on the end of the URL by removing the word “dashboard” and replacing it with “/wp-admin”, this in fact takes us to the wordpress dashboard.

Now with the access out of the way, here’s the fix I need.

From the members view, when they are inside the “dashboard” area, one of the options they have access to is the “JACK JACKER” plugin feature:

The problem they are having right now is that when the page opens (from with their member dashboard, as seen below, they cannot get the entire Jack Jacker editor to show up in the page.

Here’s what we want it to look like, with the SAVE NOW button to be viewable in the members page view:

The page where the member can access is accessed by the admin by going down the wordpress admin dashboard at CLIENT PANEL plugin >> Pages >> Jack Jacker .

Additionally, the button on the upper right would need to be more visible.

What I would like to know is if you can go into the wordpress editor and change the code so that the members page dimensions so that the editor fits so all aspects of the editor are visible or change the dimensions of the editor’s pop-up window, which ever is the easiest  amd most sure to stay.