about1ShareDivvy is unique. In fact, very unique! As it is the only local marketing platform known to NOT take money out of the pocket of small local businesses in the process of generating new customers.

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We  have two options for business owners. The first is the FREE VERSION and the second option is the PREMIUM BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP.

The difference in the two options is simple. To save you time, we’ll give you the readers digest version below.

Businesses can participate free by adding a creative offer as a coupon within our system. The free version requires the offer to be at least 50% off and have a price-point of at least $30-or-more. A business can determine how many are to be sold and what details they wish to to stipulate in their custom offer. Free Version business members can also obtain access to a whole host of wholesale online and off-line marketing services*.

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The PREMIUM BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP offers an affordable annual membership by which local businesses can receive a series of marketing benefits. These add-on features and benefits include conducting multiple coupon campaigns in the ShareDivvy system, offering coupons below the mandatory$30 price-point minimum, and receiving the option of selecting the choice of two online marketing services* at no additional cost/

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