bg-beach1ShareDivvy offers members both GREAT LOCAL DEALS while also allowing them to be REWARDED for sharing these deals with their family, friends and social media contacts.

There is no cost to be involved in this cutting edge platform designed to pay you for the best form of advertising known to man, word of mouth! That’s right! ShareDivvy is the only program of its kind paying lucrative rewards for sharing and promoting our area’s best local offers!

Learn more about our local rewards program in greater detail by CLICKING HERE!

In the mean time, here’s an introduction to our TWO membership options for local consumers you. The first is as a FREE MEMBER and the second option is as an AFFILIATE MEMBER.

Please note, BOTH versions are 100% Free to participate in and require nothing out of pocket! There is no cost ever for being part of either option. To differentiate between the two, below is a quick overview of the difference in each set of features.

Locals can participate free by registering through our system system via a participating affiliate’s personal ShareDivvy link. Free Members can capitalize on deals and offers, ranging from 50% on up to 90% off and privater offering within the system. Free Members are credited with “Divvy Dollar” rewards when purchasing. “Divvy Dollars” are redeemable towards the purchase of future offers on the ShareDivvy platform. Free Members are also credited with “Divvy Dollars” when others they share deals with purchase too.

To view a detailed overview of the FREE MEMBERSHIP, CLICK HERE!

AFFILIATE MEMBERS must be approved through the ShareDivvy Affiliate Review Process. Approved Affiliates no longer receive Divvy Dollars but are paid Commissions in Real Dollars, for a range of money-making activities within the platform. Approved Affiliates can also earn BIG when a business that they signed up, sells coupons. This called “sponsoring a business”. Affiliates may also earn from the commission-able activities of all their personally enrolled free members and affiliates as well, known as Tier 2..  These commission-able activities are not tiny little token rewards either. Affiliates earn the same reward from a Teir 2 activity as they do for their own personal purchase or sale. Affiliates are considered “Independent Contractors” for tax purposes.

To view a detailed overview of the AFFILIATE MEMBERS, CLICK HERE!

Both membership versions may track their personal sharing and referral link rewards activity through the current pre-launch tracking location, CLICK HERE!

Free Member and Affiliate training will be provided to assist members in maximizing the reward benefits associated with the program.

Learn more about us and what motivates us to aggressively seek to add value to your local business, CLICK HERE!