Here are the the features and benefits of ShareDivvy’s “Premium Business Membership” during the pre-launch period.

During our Pre-Launch period, the Premium Business Membership provides a business the following:

  • Up to 3 deals per quarter vs. Only 1 deal per quarter with free version;
  • Free monthly edits to current active offers vs. 1 edit per quarter with free version;
  • Primary Category Listing – Option to keep deal listed at the top of each category;
  • Private Discounted Online Services – ie., Websites, social media services, video creation;
  • Annual Video SEO Campaign – Monthly Keyword based uploads valued at $695;
  • Dedicated assigned customer support team member;

During our special promotional phase, we will be allotting up to five businesses per local vertical category. See this list by clicking here.

      By default, early Premium Business Members will be our system’s primary listings for each vertical market category, thus achieving the highest level of exposure for those seeking deals within their categories.
      The free monthly editing is a very important feature. It allows businesses to tweak their offers monthly in order to find the most effective deal price point, commission for affiliates or in adding services or product volume to the offer. The free version of our system does not currently allow this monthly editing aspect. This is due to the added support and staffing that would be required as we launch. At this point, it is not feasible. However, free users receive one tweak within each quarter their deal runs on the system.
      This may be one of the most powerful features we offer as many small local businesses typically don’t have a website, function in social media, have a business video or engage in the multitude of various other online  marketing components. And why? Typically, there are two reasons. One is a lack of immediate know how for one reason. And the other, the ridiculous cost so many web services. Currently being developed, you will not believe the crazy low discounted prices our Premium Business Members will receive for just about anything they will need done online. This will be a huge benefit to our local small businesses, BIG time!
      The Annual Video SEO Campaign will not be part of the membership features post launch as it will be a separate element of the system. This is a $695 real value and will be included (at no cost) in each renewal year for as long is there is no break in the succession of renewing by the business. Review what our YouTube SEO “Domination” Annual Video Campaign has done for other local businesses inside of YouTube in the graphic below:domination-graphic
      On February 1st, 2017, the Premium Business Membership annual fee will increase to $495. Local businesses acting as early adapters by taking part in our short term pre-launch promotions will be locked into their pre-launch pricing and features throughout the term of their continuously running active membership.