Your website, domain and annual hosting comes with an optional marketing tool designed as a “quiz and/or questionnaire” system. This tool offers an invaluable social media lead capture system. The value of this system per year is $350. You are receiving this as an add-on feature included with your annual website hosting fee.

With most company replicated websites not being effective lead capture tools as well as most marketers desiring an effective social media strategy, we’ve provided this powerful strategy and all of the necessary features.

The training here will cover three aspects of the Quiz System. The first video provides a thorough overview of the what’s and why’s of the quiz tool. The second covers howto easily put the Quiz System to work for lead generation. The final video covers how to quickly and easily create new quizzes.

VIDEO #1 – Complete Quiz System Overview


VIDEO #2 – Fresh Leads Using the Quiz System


VIDEO #3 – Howto Create New Quizzes

NOTE: Your bonus section allows you save time by purchasing the creation of new quiz for use in your system. The discount pricing is a savings feature included with your annual website hosting fee.