I am a private citizen who at one-time was basically defamed several years ago by false accusations from a competitor. It was somone who knew how to use the media and online avenues to discredit me personally.

From that experience, I determined that I would never again be in a position to have to take the ramifications of these inaccurate and false reports online.

So, I set out to become proficient in my understanding of how all of his worked. And as I went along, I developed a unique skillset in the process of clearing my name from these phony online reports. It wasn't easy and it took some time, but I finally got it.

Now more than 10 years later, I have developed an advanced level of experience in Search Engine Optimization.

And realizing there were so many others out there like me who have been harmed by the same types of personal or business branding online, I began helping others. And snce that time, I have proudly served the world with Reputation Services for last 5 years. And today, I now even have a team of experienced and qualified experts to support my private services.

Why is the service private? Simple. Google and their money generating website partners hate me. Why? Because when I can remove your negative content, I cost them money. 

Google's "Humiliation Algorithm"

Below, I've share how I cost Google money when I get your content removed from the first three pages or beyond of its search results.

  1. Google Inc. is a profit based business.

2. If a user of Google Search® submits a query for “Acme Electric Santa Fe New Mexico”, then Google needs to satisfy the user’s need for accurate search results, while attempting to make money in the process (it’s a hypothetical business so don’t bother Googleing it).

3. Naturally, the top of search results should be something like AcmeElectric-NM.com.

4. If the user clicks on Acme Electric’s homepage, Google has lost the opportunity to make any money during that search instance.

5. Therefore, Google needs to persuade the user to click on an advertisement, rather than clicking on Acme Electric’s homepage.

6. The best way to do that is to cause the user to change his or her mind about doing business with Acme Electric, but in a way that Google would not be liable for business interference.

7. The ironically titled Section 230C of Communications Decency Act, allows Google to republish defamatory material, as long as it is provided by somebody else, without being held liable for defamation.

8. I believe that Google gives extra weight to search results that contain demeaning, or otherwise negative sentiment keywords, when they are in close association to a proper noun, such as a personal name or business name/brand.

9. I have found that positions 3 and 4 of Google search results are often reserved for the unfavorable results, although not as obviously now, as it seems that Google has randomized the “aspersion slots” since some of our reputation warriors like myself have begun publishing this hypothesis.

10. When somebody searches for “Acme Electric Santa Fe New Mexico”, then the prospective customer might see unsubstantiated allegations of violence, criminal acts, or other skullduggery, about Acme Electric’s founder, very close to his business homepage.

11. At this point, the prospective customer decides that she won’t bother looking into the truth or falsity as she just wants an electrician to fix a problem; so she clicks on the Google AdWords for “A1 Electric Sante Fe” at the top of the search results, and makes her call.

12. Consequently:

        a. Google just made $20 or $30 for the “Pay Per Click” or “PPC” advertisement.
        b. A1 Electric got a new customer, and.

       c. Acme Electric lost yet another new customer due to the crippling false allegations, posted by the crazy people next door who took issue with the Electrician’s complaint, 5-years ago, that their cat was pooping in his three-year-old’s sandbox.

And Google keeps getting away with it over and over... until I can get the negative result moved off the first couple of pages. Now you can see how I cost them "A LOT" of money.

So, I intentionally keep everything about what we're doing as quiet as possible, as much as possible. As they have used these same tactics and web sites to defame others like myself who have been more open about their deplorable tactics. 


Here are my core services. These are the main elements I focus upon, which generally covers most types of negatives experienced. Farther down the page, I share the process of how it works and provide some recent examples of our team's work.

Ripoff Report

The Ripoff Report allows users over the age of 14 to post free, un-moderated and uncorroborated complaints known as ‘reports’ which contain details of the user’s experience with the company or individual listed in the report.

These reports are harming both individuals and businesses and their eventual growth. These reports are damaging both personal and business reputations.

We help you to get these reports removed from google search.

Mugshot Removal

A mug shot or mugshot is a photographic portrait typically taken after a person is arrested. The original purpose of the mug shot was to allow law enforcement to have a photographic record of an arrested individual to allow for identification by victims and investigators.

However, in the United States entrepreneurs have recently began to exploit the mug shot for commercial gains via the Mug shot publishing industry.

These mug shot are now disturbing individual life personally as well as professionally. We can help you in getting these mugshots removed for you.

Remove Negative News

It happens. Sometimes you may want to remove information from Google. It may include your personal information, professional information or some specific news related information.

According to some gurus, if something is placed on Google, it cannot be removed, But I have a team of Google Certfied professionals and we can remove your desired local negative information from Google.

The whole procedure consist of three stages and typically takes from 45-to-60 days.


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My aim is to remove the negative links, bad links, and negative reviews from various search engines and review websites. Myself and my team will focus on your complete satisfaction by providing an affective service.

I offer our proven 3-step process for removing the negative links from search engines.

Below is a breakdown of how I will remove your content from page one of Google.

STEP #1:

Create content and setup. Time Frame is up to 7 days.

1. Analysis: Reputation advisor will check the reputation score of client and will understand the client’s goal.

2. Plan of Action: According to the analysis, create the plan of action for the project that include details:

       a. Analyze negative/positive reviews with the specific keyword.
       b. Research the root problems, in anticipation with the future attacks.
       c. Create list of high PR submission websites and directories.
       d. Strategy for social profiling.
       e. List of blog and forums to post the content.
       f. Domain name of Custom websites. 
       g. Total number of articles needed for whole project.
       h. Age and Position of existing links (positive and negative)/websites.

3. Social Media Outline: Create a social media outline for whole project that includes new social accounts of Facebook, twitter, Google plus,pinterest, flickr or maintaining the existing social accounts of client.

4. Content Strategy: Reputation advisor and client discuss the content strategy whereas the content writers will write the content for the project. Unique content and Search Engine Optimized is must to boost the impact on search engine results.

5. Custom websites: For each client, we will create 4 customized websites to boost up the positive search links. Custom websites with the related keyword for the project has great impact to push down the negative links.

6. Publish websites: Last step is to publish the websites.

STEP #2:

This step focuses on publishing the content created in the 1st step.

Link building, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing plays the essential role in the step 2 process.

Content is published on internet in the form of Wikipedia page, News Events, Reviews, Video, Info graphics and PPTs.Link building:

The content will be posted on:

1. High PR directory submission
2. High PR classified submission
3. High PR blog/article submission
4. High PR bookmarking submission
5. Local listing
6. High PR press release
7. High PR blog commenting
8. Forum posting
9. Guest posting

Social Media Optimization (SMO): Social profiling is a key to success to raise the positive content online. Post content on following social profiles:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Google Plus
4. Pinterest
5. Flickr

Social Marketing (SMM): 

1. Infographic creating and sharing
2. PPT creation and submission
3. Video Creation and Marketing

STEP #3:

Step 3 (SEO/ Optimize Positive links): Time Frame (25-60 Days)

Now I'll push up the positive links/reviews and push down negative links/reviews with strong SEO Strategy.

This step focuses on SEO of Customized websites, guest posting, social interaction, backlinks and link building to rise up the positive links on the search engines. My team will publish the content on reputed websites.

Positive links generated in your name will lead to push down of the negative searches.

And with that, we've beat Google again and you get a cleaner online reputation.


Example #1 before:

Example #1 after:

Example #2 before:

Example #2 after:


I offer two methods of payments. You can pay your local professional via credit card and check. Both are designed to protect you, here's why.

We use the PayPal credit card transaction platform so you can be protected via their 60-day buyer protection program. If the results are not as I say, you can request a full and complete refund. I've never had to refund a client using my private system. But I want to offer you the protection.

Next, we've contracted to have the purchases made through our network of local SEO, Video Marketing and Reputation Management professionals around the world.  This way you'll be likely dealing directly with someone you know personally or locally. They'll send you the link (or you can write them a personal check, if they allow, but you'll have a guaranteed protection through the online purchase).

I charge each local rep a wholesale price of $1,600 to remove one negative link. They can choose however much they wish to charge for their services above this price.  Many of my network partners offer my service as an added value feature to their already established service, charging nothing above the $1,600. It makes no difference to me how the service is marketed. But please be aware, I cannot begin until I am paid in full.

Note, the $1,600 is to move your one (1) requested negative link beyod page 5 on Google results. Page #5 is well beyond the site of the typical viewer.

To help show you the value you'll be receiving , let me give you a reference from a Google search as to what these types of services typically run, monthly:

I never share our clients personal information without their permission, neither do I provide access to my client database. As I private freelancer, I understand all the rules of complete and total confidentiality.

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