Hello and welcome to your website.

Here we’ll briefly review the features and benefits of your website. This website has been customized to fit your business and online marketing objectives.

This website includes both EXTERNAL (the visible website) and INTERNAL (private members area dashboard) features.

The EXTERNAL site is what your visitors see. The INTERNAL site is only seen by you.

The EXTERNAL site has been designed to give you SEO benefits for being found in the search engines , as well as to generate sales. The INTERNAL site provides multiple OPTIONAL marketing features not readily available anywhere else online.

Let’s take a moment and review your site’s External features, below.

The External features include the following:.

  • Providing a website with your keyword attributes for the purpose of being found through Google’s organic search;
  • The site has had specific plugin features added so that the very best search engine optimization (SEO) for Google rankings are in place;
  • Additionally, this platform provides features allowing for Google ranking results to receive a boost when each additional down-line team member creates their custom website;
  • Your site has the custom functionality of being able to make product sales and provide new associates signup links;
  • Your site includes a direct link to a lead capture QUIZ FEATURE;
  • Your site includes a direct link to custom TESTIMONIAL videos;
  • Your site includes a direct link to your company’s INTERNATIONAL product sales page;
  • Your site includes a direct link to your personal OPPORTUNITY signup page;
  • Your site includes a direct link to your personal ABOUT page;
  • Your site includes a TEAM LEADERSHIP display of your group’s top leadership;
  • Your site includes a company based VIDEO in the center of home page;
  • Your site includes a custom login to the MEMBERS DASHBOARD page;
  • Your personal contact information is included within the CONTACT form area of the website;
  • Your site includes a Google translation feature for multiple language views of your website;

Let’s take a further look in reviewing your site’s Internal features, below.

The INTERNAL features include the following:

The Internal features are designed to provide a wide array of optional marketing features not found else where. To view these features, a custom login USERNAME and PASSWORD is required.  These internal features are optional for use and come with a complete training. Please check with your upline before considering your personal use.

The following elements are currently embedded in your customized members area. These include the following:

  • Advanced Social Media Quiz – Lead Capture Platform;
  • Ability to add more quizzes to your members area;
  • Quizzes can be created for topics of interest relating to your product and service;
  • Quizzes are a powerful feature for social media engagement and lead capture;
  • A lead tracking system for all converting leads complete with lead details;
  • A complete video training for this Social Media Quizzes – Lead Capture Platform;
  • Receive a custom YouTube Channel optimized for ranking newly uploaded videos;
  • Receive a YouTube training on your new channel and for future uploaded videos;
  • Receive a FACEBOOK LIVE training in creating your own LIVE videos -OR- accessing how to get your own or your upline’s prerecorded video to play as a FB LIVE presentation;
  • Receive other bonus elements to enhance your overall efforts.

More services to be added.